Friday, 2 January 2009


The news wasn't so bad. My mother rang me 2 days ago to say that my old man cat, Kleinman, has a bloody eye. So I think nothing of it as the cats and dogs play a lot and he probably got a's happened before. But then I get another text to say that the eye is now black?? WTF?? So I went there yesterday. His whole eye is black! Literally! No pupil, no white, no green, nothing! So I start thinking that something is really wrong but being the 1st, no-one is open. My mother rang the vets this morning and got an appointment for this afternoon. By this time, I was dreading the worst as Kleinman is a grand total of 18 years old. I had a bad feeling on my stomach all day, thinking that I may have to agree to putting him down.
Anyway, the news wasn't that bad. Basically, he has high blood pressure which caused a blood vessel to burst and bleed into his eye...thus not on the outside, but bleeding into the eyeball. That is why his eye is black. All the fluid within his eye is blood. He also has a noisy heart but other than that, in good health. So he now has medication and a repeat visit next week to see how he gets on and what the eye looks like. Unfortunately he will probably be blind in that eye. But his eyesight was getting worse in any case. I've noticed how he follows you by sound rather than sight.
So a big PHEW! Mannie (Kleinman) lives for another day!
Meet the man...


amy said...

Awww - poor guy. I hope he's on the mend soon. Good news, though.

Mish said...

Ah thanks! We'll have to go back next week for a check up but I am sooo relieved!