Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Oh what a night....

Ok sorry... the only reason for my blog title is because I have that song in my head! Dagnamit!

Anyway, this week has been another busy one. Work is continuously entertaining. My one colleague, who is also a temp, was even offered a full time job. I on the other, have other plans, but more on that some other time.

We spent some time with the family and little Zoe who broke her leg. She still has about 5 weeks to go in the cast and can be a handful at the best of times. And seeing as it is a full leg cast, she can't move at all. Queue BORED CHILD!! ALERT ALERT! So I decided to take some cheap acrylic and two crochet hooks with when we went for a braai (bbq). It was such a hit and kept her busy for hours. I tried to teach her a bit of crochet but in the end, she was happy to just wind and unwind the ball. End of the night I packed it all in and went home. And the next morning, I received a message saying that Zoe wants to know where her wool and 'stokkie' (crochet hook) it!!! I've created a monster!! So I have promised to bring her a new one. I'll see if I can find a more child friendly set that she could enjoy. Maybe a knitting spool/ dolly.

My vintage project is coming along well and I am now on the second pattern repeat-so about 10 inches in and it is looking great. I'll take some pics on the weekend in the daylight. I'm really looking forward to wearing it.

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