Saturday, 31 January 2009

Look what I got!

You know how sometimes the world is full of crazy, selfish people...well, NOT ALWAYS!

As you know, I had to move back to South Africa after a long stint in the UK, thus leaving my whole stash in storage ( the HORROR!!). Well, I once knitted both my mother and MIL some dishcloths. Last week my mother asked me to knit some more. Now the dilemma is that here in South Africa, availability of yarn ( the nice stuff) is very limited. Forget about getting Peaches n Cream or Rowan ( well maybe if you are willing to pay extortionate prices). Anyway, there is a group on Ravelry called RAK or Random Acts of Kindness. This group is used to request items that you couldn't normally find so lets say you're into Manga and live in the North Pole, you could request it on there and someone, on the other side of the world with an excess of Manga, will send you some for free.
And that is just what happened to me! So sans stash or lys, I requested some peaches n cream ( or equivalent). And what do you know.....2 packages arrived today! Check out my great gifts!

The first box is from Memeinmoi or Lauren all the way from the US!


A LARGE ball of wound Peaches n Cream in a peach colour!

And the second box was from Susan, also in the US.



A massive 12 ( TWELVE!!!!!!) balls of Sugar n Cream in some gorgeous colours!
Wow guys, thank you!! I will be sending you something in return from South Africa!!

To think, all I wanted was one ball to make a dishcloth!

I'm in lurve!

In other news, I will be sidelining all other knitting for a few days as a colleague requested some mitts for her teen daughter. I figured, let her pick the pattern herself ( you know, hormones n all...nothing I would pick could possibly be cool enough) and she chose Fetchings. Nice! I love those. So I visited my LYS and bought 10 balls of Elle tweed Aran in a green colour ( which she wanted, of course). I know, Fetchings do not need 10 balls. The others will be used for another purpose.

Kathryn Beck, who is a fellow Raveller is conducting a study on Hypnosis and Knitting/ Crochet. So I signed up, why not! There are a few different catergories that you could apply for...I chose 'Stress'. So basically, Kathryn has chosen 4 knitting and 4 crochet patterns, all scarves, from which you should choose. I have chose the Yarnharlots One Row Handspun Scarf. And that is what the rest of the Tweed will be used for. She will be sending me an mp3 which I have to listen to whilst knitting on my scarf for a certain amount of time per day and keep a short diary. So I already knit everyday and figured that I have nothing to lose.

If you are interested in signing up for her study, go here to read all about it.

Oh and I bought Zoe a knitting dolly today whilst at the LYS. That should keep her busy for a while!

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Lulu said...

Oooh, lucky girl!! Aren't knitters nice people? Enjoy - hope you find some nice patterns.